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Extra Long Dress Shirts - Sleeve7

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Quality And Style For Tall Men

Sleeve7 is the premium brand for shirts with sleeve size 7 (extra long sleeves). Sleeve7 offers an extensive collection of contemporary and classic designs. Available in Modern Fit and a slightly slimmer Slim Fit.

Finding suitable clothing can be a challenge for tall men. Sleeve7 's mission is to offer taller men the perfect shirt.

Sleeve 7: Fine Quality Dress Shirts

Fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value is what matters. All fabrics are hand selected based on style, strength and flexibility. This is why Sleeve7 dress shirts are both strong and soft.

The Seven Essentials

Sleeve7 Dress Shirts are uniquely developed around seven essentials: extra long sleeves (sleeve 7), extra backlength, uniquely placed buttons, custom and personal designs, the best cotton and finest yarn, both modern fit and slim fit shirts and a personal approach. Sleeve7 shirts are shaped with a body fit specifically designed for taller man. They have been designed with thanks to the input of our customers. For and by tall men so to speak.

A Global Brand with Dutch Heritage

Sleeve7 was founded in The Netherlands by tall Dutchmen. Dutch and West Europeans are the tallest people in the world. Today Sleeve7 is the leading worldwide brand in extra long dress shirts for tall men: Sleeve 7 Dress Shirts.

We Ship Worldwide

Sleeve7 Dress Shirts are delivered to you - wherever you are. If you have any questions: don’t hesitate and reach out. We love to hear from you. Shopping with us should be easy as pie, and just as satisfying.

What Clients Say
"In the US we have many "Big AND Tall" shops but no "Big OR Tall" shops.These shirts are perfect for anyone that I'd consider "north average" height and any "width." But they're ..."
Chris, 26/01/2019
"Second time I shop here and very happy. Really extra long sleeve and good quality. Keep going:-)"
Damien, 07/02/2018
"Thank you very much! I'm very satisfied with the shirts. I'm 194 cm, and it's a problem to find suitable shirts, even in luxury brands. "
Vlad Ivanov , 06/04/2017
"I am 6'7" (201 cm) and these are the best shirts I have ever worn. All other shirts come untucked, or do generally do not fit well for tall men, but these are fantastic. The ..."
Ben, 25/02/2017
"Words cannot describe how impressed I am with Sleeve7 Shirts. I am 1.854 m (over 6 feet), thin, and American, which means that it is impossible to find a shirt that fits. I ..."
Richard, 28/12/2016
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9.5 /10
Based on 20 reviews
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Sleeve7 Perfect White Monti
The Perfect White shirt is aptly named. It makes my other "white" shirts look brown. True to Sleeve7 shirts, the fit ...
- Robert, 17 Feb 2019

Sleeve7 Retro Check
Very comfortable to wear. Always a pleasure to wear all your shirt
- Stephane, 21 Feb 2018

Sleeve7 Retro Check
Absoluty fantastic color, cut and collar
- Stephane, 21 Feb 2018

Sleeve7 White Panama Oxford
Je cherchais depuis longtemps une belle chemise blanche après avoir longtemps hésité celle ci fut le bon choix. Le ...
- Stephane, 28 Sep 2017

Sleeve7 Yellow Check Dress Shirt
Chemise très légère et c’est une bonne alternative aux chemises en lin quand il fait chaud. La couleur et les ...
- Stephane, 28 Sep 2017

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