There are millions of men's shirts out there in the market ranging from branded to unbranded, formal to casual, available in different sizes, style and colors. But not every shirt of your size is meant for you. There are a few things; if you consider them before buying the shirt, you can actually buy a perfect fitting shirt for yourself.

To help you make the right choice, we’ll be discussing here all the factors you need to look into and find the best shirt for you. Finding Better Fitting Dress Shirts:

Dress shirt: Shoulders
If you try on a shirt before buying it, make sure that you see that the sear which stitches together the sleeves with the shirt does not slide down onto the arm. Majority of the brands usually cut the shirt large sized and when they finally stitch it, the shirt doesn’t fit as perfectly as it should. And let's focus on the better fitting shirts.

Finding better fitting dress shirts - the shoulders

Collar fit fo your dress shirt
The collar size is an essential thing which should be checked. There are sizes between 14 inches to 18 inches available in men’s wear and you should see which size is ideal for you because it affects the entire shirt fit as well. The important thing to note is that when you button the collar, it should be loose enough to have space of 2 fingers between the neck and the collar for a better fit. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. Secondly, if you are not going to wear a tie or button the collar, then it’s not a big issue to wear a slightly smaller or larger size collar. If you like a shirt and it fits well overall, you may go for it.

A better fitting dress shirt: measure the chest
A nicely fit shirt is one which is comfortable to wear. It should not be tight over the chest, back and armpits. The fit shouldn’t be so much that it makes you and others feel as if you’re immovable in it. It should rather be a cozy wear. To find out if a shirt is ‘too tight’, one hint is that when you stand still with arms falling down, the shirt’s buttons will pull showing the fabric is stretching.

The best fitting dress shirts - how

When it comes to fit, a lot of men who wish to look smart when they wear a shirt might think of buying one size smaller to what their actual size is. But this should not be the case. Just like the other things discussed above, if the armhole is very loose and fabric is hanging under the arm, it gives a bulky look. It should neither be too stiff or tight otherwise it will make the arm movement uneasy. So, go for shirts with armholes that are comfortable to move your arms and shoulders.

Body/Waist size of the dress shirt
A good fit shirt is one which is stitched with wellness on being tapered from the chest to waist. It should look flattering on the body when worn and there shouldn’t be any surplus fabric showing once the shirt is tucked inside the pants. Shirts with back darts usually fulfill this requirement well.

Better fitting dress shirts - measure the waist

The sleeves should first of all reach till the wrist. Secondly, if they are well fit, they won’t be having excess fabric around the arm, rather the arm should fill out the sleeve of the shirt. In case there is excess fabric, it will give an unattractive fit to the entire shirt.

The length of the shirt is particularly important because it gives an inappropriate look if men wear short length shirts. The torso should be long enough to tuck in till the back pockets of the pant. Another check if the shirt is lengthy enough for you is to tuck in the shirt and then raise the arms above the head to see if the shirt tails come out from the pants. If they don’t, you’ve got the right length shirt for you.

We hope you find the better fitting dress shirts to match yur body and wishes. Happy shopping!