Men just don't like shopping as much as women do. They don't have the patience for it. But if your size is not available in the regular sizes, then you need to find a store which does have fitting sizes. Clothes don't look good if they don't fit your body perfectly. As a result you need to spend some time to find a store which has the perfect clothes for your body.

Finding The Perfect Big and Tall Store
The first step is to find a trusted store. And also has clothes in your size. Not all stores carry big and tall sizes and even if they do, not all store's clothes fit you perfectly. Sometimes the sleeves are not long enough. Sometimes the back tail is too shorts.

Buying online or on weekdays
A great tip that I'll never forget is to go to the mall or online webshop when there is less traffic. This way the sales staff won't be that busy and they will pay more attention to your needs. And if one store doesn't carry your size or style, then don't fret: go to another store.

big and tall dress shirt guide

Finding The Perfect Size
You need to try out brands and sizes. . Just by looking at different sizes won't help you find the dress shirt which fits your body size perfectly. Try on different sizes and different styles (from different brands). Don't give up until you find the perfect size and brand. Dress shirts can actually look less appealing when it does not fir perfectly. It has to fall nicely around your shoulders and waist - and the sleevs need to be extra long.Dress shirts are worn for formal events and it's appearance tells a lot about any man.

Big and Tall Dress Shirt Fit
Choosing your dress shirts "fit" is another element. If your boody is athletic: then a slim fit dress shirt will be best. However, for normal tall and big men, a regular fit or so-called modern fit will probably give you the best result. Extra long dress shirts are already longer than normal sized fit dress shirt. If you want to know more about the collar we suggest you read this article.

Material of the Dress Shirt
Since your body is tall and big, you can buy dress shirts which are of lighter material because thick material can make you look bulky. One of the reasons behind this is that clothes cannot make you look thin - but they can help you look more balanced. On the other side there is a case to select the stronger material. This will last longer and doesn't tear easily. Also - sometimes it makes ironing a breeze.

The perfect big and tall dress shirt guide

Big and Tall Fasion: The Bottom Line
Finding the perfect dress shirt is not easy. Some degree of effort and time is definitely required. After all, it’s you who has to wear it and look nice in it (and be happy). So go find your perfect dress shirt. It is out there waiting for you. Happy Shopping!