There are men who are big and tall - or either “big” or either “tall”. The Big and Tall are however not similar in body composition. This is why they do require different sizes of dress shirts.

If a man is tall, he will not find a shirt properly fitting him if it’s not actually designed for him. Same goes for the big men. In some aspects the clothes are similar in size: they both require longer tails and more fabric. Often both types have longer arms (and hence sleeves) ... Tall and nig men often do differ in size requirements around the breast and neck (collar size). Tall men wear slim fit dress shirts and have narrow necks compared to big men. Big men often require extra fabric around the breast, arms and neck. Let’s see what Big and Tall man have in their wardrobe.

A big and tall men wardrobe guide

Dress Shirts
When it comes to shirts for big and tall men, you should go for dress shirts that fit you perfectly all round. It should be long enough to be tucked in with a coupke of centimeters spare fabric. The sleevelength is a little longer and should fall lightly over your wrists. The shirt can be a bit loose but going for a too loose shirt will give a baggy impression and make you look bulky. So take your time for finding the perfect fit.

Colours and Patterns
As far as colours and patterns are concerned, darker colours will give a sleeker look as compared to the lighter colours. Also we recommended going for the more plain shirts - or with very small patterns.

The collar should be loose enough to close the button comfortably. Nothing is more irritating than a dress shirts that almost chokes you. On the other side - if you don't need to wear a tie and always have your shirts open - then maybe selecting a collarsize smaller (or eventwo) can really make the difference.

Cuffs and sleeves
Some men like French cuffs better while the others go for the standard ones. You can choose as per your choice but make sure that the cuffs reach the wrist. If sleeves are not of the right length, they don’t look good when worn and then having to fold them will spoil the professional touch.

BIg and tall men fashion guide

Jackets are very well suited on the big and tall men. A suit jacket is really modern and makes men with larger bodies look quite smart indeed. Big and tall men should look for such apparels that give a flattering look on their bodies so jackets is a good choice for the wardrobe.

Tall and broader men should go for single-breasted suits. They have a V-shape front and the buttons are placed lower. Make sure that the suit is not too tight because this will give an uncomfortable look when the buttons are tied. The length should be long enough to cover the buttocks because that gives a nicer fit and look. The suit’s shoulders should be closely-fitted and mainly unpadded. It is advisable to buy dark coloured suits and add a nice patterned tie with dots, checks or paisleys.