You are either big, talll or big and tall. You might be just big but your height is average, while some of you are tall but your body is very lean and some of you are both big and tall. Whichever category you fit into, it is obvious that it is difficult to shop for your size clothes especially for formal dress shirts.

Where Can You Find Dress Shirts That Fit You?
There are several brands nowadays that specialize in big and dress shirts and their special size requirements. And luckily they sell online! While shopping bare in mind that there are two categories under which all the sizes are mentioned:

  • Big size
  • Tall size

These two categories have sizes available based on the collar size and the waist size. In other words, you will be able to buy a perfect dress shirt for yourself based on your physique and dress shirt size. To know more about which dress shirt size is right for you, have a look at some dress shirt size categories below:

Big Dress Shirt Sizes
These sizes are for you if your height is 6'2’’ and your waist is either the same as your chest or bigger than that. Measure yourself to check whether you fall in the "Big" category or not. The collar sizes start from 17.5 to 26 inches and the waist size can be from 42 to 76 inches.

Goof fitting size dress shirts

Tall Dress Shirt Sizes
People under this category are those who have a height of 6'2’’ or more and the waist size measures less than their chest size. The collar size for tall people starts with 16.5 and goes up to 20. Each collar size has two sizes for different measurements of waist. They have either 35 or 37 inches.

Shirt sizes and shirt fits
Nowadays we can discern three types of dress shirt sizes or fits: free fit or normal fit, modern fit and slim fit. Free fit or normal fit dress shirt sizes are more or less square: this means that the breast size and waist size are similar. Modern fit dress shirts are slightly tapered and the waist size is between 4 and 15 centimeters less than the breast size. They will loog good on an average big or tall man. Slim fit dress shirts tend to be very tapered and can really bring out your physique. The catch? Being tall and skinny.

slim fit and modern fit dress shirt sizes

Big and Tall Dress Shirt Sizes
Big and tall dress shirt size is for you if both slim fit and modern fit sizes may not fit you properly. Perhaps, the sleeves or the shoulders won't fit you properly. For this reason, you need to find places which sell shirts which fit your body perfectly. When you buy a dress shirt specifically tailored to meet the needs of big and tall men, you will notice the following points in it:

  • Expanded neck circumference with enlarged body.
  • Pockets of the dress shirt are proportionately resized.
  • Sleeves are 1.5 inch longer so that the cuffs can easily reach your wrists

The Bottom Line
It's not easy to find clothes when you don't fit in the normal size range (whether you are too tall or too big or too short or small). However, with an increase in the demand for big and tall dress shirts, clothing companies are being considerate and now they have sizes for big and tall now. You will be able to wear what you like. But the first step is to measure yourself to find out which size range you fall in to.

the best sized dress shirt - of all sizes

A word of advice
Before shopping online or offline, be sure to measure your sizes. Here is a simple guide. And hint hint: write it down!

  1. Measure your neck/collar in centimeters. If you wear ties every day this is your collar size, or for a more relaxed fit add 1 centimer. If you do not wear a tie then you can deduct 1 or 2 centimeters.
  2. Measure your waist. Your waist is said to be the second most distinguishing factor for choosing a properly sized dress shirt. Add 6-8 centimeters to your measurement as the perfect waist size (you do not want the dress shirt to choke your body after several washings).
  3. Decide if you need extra sleevelenght. Dress shirts normall have a sleevelengt between 50 and 69 centimeters. This is normal and right for men ranging in height from 1.50 meters to 1.85 meters. But if you are longer than 1.80 meters we advise sleeve7 dress shirts or in other words a dress shirt with longer sleeves that are longer than 70 centimeters.