It represents a more pressing dilemma for men the world over – the difficulty of securing appropriate clothing for tall and broad men.

How should one purchase the right clothing? The following suggestions may make this a lot easier.

Keep It at Arms’ Length
Indeed, the best way to ascertain if a shirt is the right size is to hold up the sleeve against one’s shoulder and see how much it extends down the arm. If a full sleeved shirt finishes above the wrist, it is a definite no-no. Definitely when you also take shrinking into account - that no matter wath the sales person tells you does occcur. All clothing should be tried on instead of simply being held against one’s body. It will then also be easier to see if the buttons on the cuff can be done properly, and whether flexing the arm causes discomfort in the crook of the elbow.

Shoulder to Shoulder
Shoulder width is imperative when selecting a good-fitting shirt especially if you have broad shoulders. If the shirt sits well on the shoulders, it will inevitably have the right fall and not strain when the arms are held on the sides. A good fit in this scenario is determined by the way the shirt settles over the shoulder blades and arms without sagging or straining.

big and tall men challenges

No Slim Fits or Free Sizes for Big Men
A slim fit will inevitably be tapering in nature, hence giving the broader body an bulging look. Free sizes, while more convenient, will sag at the wrong places and create a billowy effect. For this reason, a perfect shirt should fit your exact size: think about a 'modern fit'.

Formal Follies
When it comes to formal wear, there is no harm in going by the book: measure your collar size. Undoubtedly, broad men have a bigger neck size, and their shirts are then fashioned accordingly. Another thing to keep in mind is the width and repetitiveness of vertical stripes. Too many or too bold will make a person look stodgy.

big and tall collar size

Tailord Tactics for Big and Tall Men
While this may be harder to find, it will essentially work out better in the long run. If you succeed in finding the right brand and fit then you are all set. No nipping and tucking shirts, instead a good investment. Big and tall men fashions stores have already thought about the minute details that a standardized brand cannot provide, leading to a better and custom-made fit.

Devil’s in the Details
Trousers, jeans or pants should preferably start at the waist. This will naturally guide the fabric to fall over the stomach and down to where the ankles end. Trousers tend to be a little tricky, but as long as the pleats running down the thigh stay closed when a person stands at ease, they’re good to go!

Suit Up
Every man has had to face the task of procuring a well-fitting suit. The general guideline for a suit is that it should roughly square off a man’s physique, be broad on the shoulders and flare out further down. A pleasing silhouette is that of a V-necked suit, buttons that are secured firmly, and a tail that covers the back side. Double vented jackets are thus an excellent choice for broader and taller men.

Big and Tall Men Should Go for Bold Colors
It goes without saying that some rules of thumb are applicable to menswear, regardless of shape and size. Horizontals have the effect of making a person look wider. Similarly, pastels and lighter colors have a tendency to make the body look heavy, further enhancing problem areas. Bold, solid colors are therefore the way to go.