When you are both tall and slim fitting, getting a dress shirt to fit correctly is essential. If you don’t, you can end up accenting your height or slender shape in all the wrong ways. Many shirts may be for the tall guy or feature a slim fit. So how do you find the fit that is both?

Dress shirt fits

Dress shirts are the staple of the formal side of a man’s wardrobe and aim to make him look his best. Paired with a suit and tie or worn with smart trousers, the right fit shirt is a winner. But fit it wrong and you can make yourself appear ungainly or awkward. So understanding what clothiers mean by the ‘fit’ of a shirt will help you make an informed decision.

Slim fit dress shirts, for example, taper down to the waist to give a tailored or athletic look. Classic fit tends to be a touch looser around the body while full fit shirts are ideal for men of a bigger size. Sometimes tall men can be dragged into this category when they aren’t big sized. This can lead to a shirt that billows in the wrong places and has unsightly clusters of extra material. In video below, we explain the difference between an Modern Fit and a Slim Fit.

The key elements of fit are simple:

  • There should be no puckering across the chest
  • The shirt shouldn’t billow out of pants
  • Shoulder seams should line with the shoulders
  • Cuffs should end at the right place

The shirt should be long enough to tuck into the trousers correctly. Sleeve7 dress shirts are extra long (longtail), especially made for taller men.

What is a Slim fit dress shirt?

People who fall into the slim fit category, whether tall, average or short, are often referred to as ectomorphs. This refers to their overall shape including a light build with lean muscles and small joints. They tend to have long limbs, small shoulders and a flat chest.

To accent the good in these features, make sure there is some movement when wearing the dress shirt. Tall and slim fitting shirts should show off your frame without clinging too tightly. Keep away from anything with elastic in, as this will accent the slender nature of your frame.

Choosing a Slim Fit dress shirt: colours and patterns

There are many ideas about what colours and patterns certain shapes and sizes should wear and it all comes down to what you like. However, there are some broad ideas that can help guide your choices. Vertical stripes are consistently said to make people seem larger. So if you have a tall and slim frame and want to appear to add a little bulk, then choosing a dress shirt with this type of pattern can work for you. If you like patterns, aim for midsized ones rather than too large or too small.

In the colour department, wearing all dark colours from head to toe is said to make a slender frame look gaunter. So try breaking up a dark suit with a light grey, white or pale blue shirt. Or why not try a lighter coloured suit with a dark shirt combination? Check out the collection Sleeve7 Slim Fit dress shirts for tall men.