Many men may be tall but not big while a big man may not be tall. Some may be both big and tall. But unfortunately, the men’s clothing world assumes that you should all fit into one category. That is big and tall men’s clothing. So how do you avoid the confusion and find the right fitting clothes?

What is big and tall men’s clothing?

You may know this through your own experience but to the clothing industry, a big man is someone who needs a larger sized clothing. This measurement is based on three areas – the chest, the waist and the hips. The tall man is someone who is over 6’2 inches but this isn’t the whole story. Someone can be a tall man of average height because he has longer legs or is longer in the body.

What this means is that someone who has a longer body might need pants that are longer from the crotch to the waist. But the same guy doesn’t always need a longer inseam length because his height is in his body. On the turn side, a man might have long legs and need a longer inseam but not need a high rise area from the crotch to the waist. And also, a bigger man might not need a longer shirt.

tshirts for big and tall men

Why the confusion?

Much of the confusion comes from a lack of consistency from the world of clothing manufacture. That’s why a 2XL t-shirt in one store can be a shirt sizes men and fit altogether to a 2XL t-shirt from a professional men’s clothier. Many retailers are simply making their own sizes after XL. This can mean a large size shirt that is too small or a short length tall man’s shirt. It also means a great deal of frustration for the customer.

A lack of training for staff on what big and tall men’s clothing really means is also a problem. Staff can’t advice a man on the right size and fit clothing for his frame if no one has educated them on the matter. A general tag of ‘big and tall’ attached to clothing is also off-putting. There is nothing to say that the clothes behind the tag are really that, merely the retailer’s impression of what this is. In fact, the phrase is so misused that most people don’t even recognise it being incorrectly used.

One way to ensure that you are getting the size you expect is to look for the standard of the Big and Tall Associates (BATA). This is a cooperative trade association of retailers who specialise in big and tall men’s clothing. As long as a clothier uses this or other international similar standards, you know that you are going to get a consistent, correctly fitting garment.

Getting the fit

There is no reason why a tall or big guy shouldn’t have perfectly fitted clothes that are comfortable and stylish. By buying from a retailer that complies with the BATA standards, you know that this is what you are going to get. So why not search today and start your mission for perfect fitted clothes?