If you find men of all sizes, you need shirts of all sizes too! It is a common complaint from tall and big men that finding shirts of the right size is difficult. Imagine: If you get the fit right then the sleeves are too short. Or if the sleeves are right, you suddenly find yourself in a camping tent of extra fabric around the chest. The solution is: to distinguish. What size accurately describes you. Are you “Big”, “Tall” or “Big and tall?”

To start off, let’s first differentiate between each of the three, and then discuss the sizes that perfectly suit them.

long and tall dress shirts difference

Who Are Considered "Big"
If you measure larger on the chest, neck and shoulders, you are "big". Such men do not fit in the standard sized shirts and face trouble to find the correct size for themselves. Big men mostly face the problem of finding the right fit shirt for them. The shirts are either tight on the chest or shrink after some washes which makes them so. If you compromise on buying a larger size, it doesn’t suit you. Having heard about these common complaints, well known brands have worked to come up with shirts which solve this problem faced by big men. They have introduced newer ranges of polo shirts, dress shirts and jackets which are quite liked. So, the large men can now enjoy shopping shirts which fit them appropriately without compromising on size and quality.

Who Are Considered "Tall"
Tall men are normally of heights measuring 6 feet 2 inches and above. They have longer arm lengths and torso compared to average height men. Like the big men, tall ones also have to face several issues while looking for the shirts which fit perfect. The two most common issues are finding shirts whose sleeves reach till the wrist and which fall well below the waist. Tall men usually complain about ending up buying shirts which they can't tuck in and having to fold sleeves so that the length issue could be hidden and this look is unprofessional. To bring up a solution for tall men, companies have started their range of "Tall sizes" which have shirts with sleeves having an extra 2 inches and the torso an extra 2.5 inches compared to the regular fit to properly fit the tall men.

Tall and skinny men
Men that are tall and skinny often are a special niche again. For example they are 1.96m (6'4") but weigh less than 80-85 kilos. An average man of this size will weigh between 88-100 kilograms - and this is where the difference in dres shirt fit occurs.

Are You "Big And Tall"?
Some men have characteristics of both "big" and "tall" men. That is, they measure larger like big men and they have long arms and body like the tall ones.
But even this is not an issue. There are new ranges of apparel available in sizes which fit such men ideally. If you are big and tall, look for sizes such as "XL, XXL and 3XL and tall". These sizes are meant to fit you well because they are broader from the shoulders and chest and have longer sleeves and torso.

Big and tall dress shirts

You personal buying guide
Now that you known your category a distinction can be made in dress shirt fit.

  • Big men: free fit or normal fit dress shirts, ranging to size 3XL
  • Tall men: normal fit or modern fit dress shirts (slightly tapered), ranging to size XXL
  • Tall and skinny men: modern fit, but more often slim fit dress shirts (very tapered), ranging to size XL
  • Big and tall men: free fit or normal fit dress shirts, ragning in size from XXL to 3XL or 4XL

wel fitted big and long men dress shirts