Sadly, the dearth of well-fitting dress shirts for big and tall men has proven to be a massively unfulfilled gap in the global clothing industry. Nevertheless, many retailers have chosen to cater to this demand by providing customized solutions in the form of specifically tailored dress shirts.

Dress shirt for big and tall men measure

Dress Shirt Collar Width

A big and tall man needs a collar that does not cause uncomfortable rubbing against the skin when buttoned up and paired with a tie. It is important for big and tall men that the collar width is comfortable. Therefore, many dress shirts come with an elastic tab that also elongates the length of the neck by an inch or two for extra comfort and ease.

Sleeves of a Dress Shirt

While a dress shirt for a tall man may provide the perfect sleeve length, it also comes with added fabric around the armpit.
In standardized shirts, the fabric around the armpit is often too tight, leading to unnecessary wrinkling and accentuating sweat stains.


simply put, darts provide the basic function of tapering, i.e. narrowing shirt fabric until it allows the shirt to align well with the torso. A common misconception is that a dress shirt for big and tall men will contain no darts. Nothing could be further from the truth, since darts always maintain their stylistic function of providing the right fit. The shirt width and a broad waist are therefore of critical importance, rather than the darts.

extra long dress shirts

Longtail dress shirts

In order to ensure that no skin is exposed while lifting or bending, it is necessary that dress shirts for bigger and taller men are extra long (longtail). This is very pleasant because it will restrict the fabric from being pushed out of the jeans or pants waistband.


Visibly, this is the easiest way to determine if the dress shirt is indeed for big and tall men or just an ill-timed sales gimmick.
If a man's weight is especially noticeable around the abdomen, the waist size will be more critical in the decision-making process than all the factors combined. When combined with pants and a belt, the stomach should not strain the fabric and bulge from the front or sides with the right dress shirt.

Half Inch Allowance

Even the best fabrics have a tendency to slightly shrink in size after the first wash. Even when purchasing a cotton dress shirt, it is best to anticipate a half inch allowance on all sides so that the shirt continues to provide the same luxury of comfort as it provided on the first try.

Big and tall dress shirt

Do Not Mistake Size for Fit

An average department store will have standardized clothing demarcated as XS, S, M, L and so on. One should never mistake these sizes for a broad and tall physique because they may be bigger overall, but not at the right places. A properly tailored dress shirt, on the contrary, is made while taking the proportions of a man who may be tall but not broad, and vice versa, in account.