As we choose a dress shirt that gives a perfect fit according to size, we also need to focus on the details of the dress shirt so that it fits with our overall personality, looks and face cut. One important thing to look at is the collar of the dress shirt. There are various styles, colours and sizes of collars and to find the right one for you, you need to get the one which highlights your facial features and enhances your look.

Men should choose the collar according to the neck size and one significant thing to note is the length of the neck. Collars come in different heights called the “Stand,” and therefore men should select a shorter or taller stand collar depending on the length of the neck.People with shorter necks are advised to wear dress shirts with a shorter stand as it complements their facial structure. Likewise, people with longer necks should go for tall stands and wide spread collar dress shirts.
Let us take a look at the different dress shirt collar sizes.

Dress shirt collar size ties

The Point Collar

This is one of the most regular types of turn-down collars. The collar points (tips of collar) are very close to each other.
Sometimes these tips are so close that the tie knot is hardly visible. This looks suitable on people with rounder faces as it makes the facial features look longer. Almost 90 percent of men’s dress shirts have this type of collar.

The Narrow Straight Point Collar

With the narrow straight point collar, the space between the collar points is even smaller, which makes it almost impossible to wear a tie. Like the point collar, this collar type is also meant to make rounder faces look slimmer and longer.

The Button-down Collars

As the name clearly defines, this is a type of point collar which makes it possible to button the tips to the shirt. There are small sized buttons attached to the dress shirt which can be fastened with the holes present on the collar tips. With this added feature, the need to wear a tie is usually eliminated. Usually, people choose these shirts for a casual setting but it is worn in formal occasions as well.

Dress shirt collar size button down

The Spread or Cutaway Collars

These collars have more space between the collar points and for this reason, they are known as the “spread collars”. There is more space for the tie knot and it reveals a greater portion of the upper shirt area. Spread collars come in various widths, ranging from the moderate ones (more flared) to extreme ones (almost horizontal).

The Semi Spread Collar

This type of collar does not have widely spread collar wings; rather the overall collar points are comparatively shorter than the usual ones.They look similar to the pointed collars but have an adequate spread in between.

Dress shirt collar size spread

The Wide Spread Collars

This is a variation in the spread collar category. Wide spread collars have a space of almost 3.5 inches between the collar wings. You can wear a thick knot tie easily with such a collar.