Men's dress shirts reflect their style and presentation. It shows if they are comfortable in carrying a particular style and having smart dressing skills. Therefore, they should pay particular attention to every element from fit, details, colours, and material when choosing a dress shirt for their wardrobe. Dress shirts vary in cuts, designs and suitability to wear at formal or casual settings.

The combination of the shirt's fit, neck size, collar, sleeve, cuff, fabric, colour and pattern is what makes the right shirt. Here is a complete dress shirt guide to help you select the best shirt.

Dress shirts large and tall

The fit of the dress shirt

By fit of the shirt, we mean how the shirt contours the man's body. Dress shirts come in 3 different fits:

  • Slim fit
    • Slim fit shirts give a flattering look on bodies which are athletic or broader from the top and slimmer on the waist.
  • Classic Fit
    • Classic fit shirts are the regular standard size shirts but their fit differs for every brand.
  • Full fit
    • Full fit shirts are meant for the "Big and Tall" category of men.

Apart from this, men should make sure that the shirt does not have too much fabric which they will have to tuck in the pants.
It may give an untidy look.

Fabric of the dress shirt

Shirts come in various fabrics such as cotton, linen, polyester and silk. These fabrics have different attributes mentioned in the following table:

Fabric Attributes
  • Most commonly used
  • Durable
  • Takes brisk shapes when ironed
  • Comfortable
  • Conducts heat and moisture
  • Better colours
Cotton Blend
  • Combination of cotton and other materials
  • Benefits of two fabrics in one
  • Frivolous
  • Easy to wear in summer times
  • Wrinkles easily
  • Shrink resistant
  • Easy to dry
  • Luxury fibre
  • Shiny with light drape
  • High maintenance costs

Colours and patterns on dress shirts

White, blue and other colours including lavender, green, gold, off-white, pink are some of the most worn colours among men. These colours add sophistication and grace to a man’s persona. Light colours with checks and plain shirts are suitable for summers while darker colours with solid patterns are preferred in winters.

Collar of the dress shirt

A collar accentuates the facial features of the man. If collar style is chosen according to the face cut, the shirt altogether gives a good look. The different types of collars are point collar, spread collar, wing collar and buttoned-down collar.

Point collars are ideal for people with rounder and fuller face shapes. These have a narrow space between the collar-points. Spread collars are better for the long and thin-faced people. There is more space between the collar points and a big knot tie looks good with it. Wing collars have short wings folded down at the points and the in buttoned-down collar. The collar-points can be fastened with small buttons to the shirt.

Sleeves and Cuffs

The sleeves should reach the wrist and shouldn’t have any excess fabric around the arm.Sleeves usually come in a 32.5” length which is a standard size for most men, but the “Big and tall” men usually face the problem of getting smaller sleeve lengths. Therefore, they are often forced to look for shirt sizes such as "3XL and tall" or “MT to 5XLT".

There are 2 types of cuffs; Standard and French Cuffs. French Cuffs are worn on formal occasions and places and require accessories such as cuff links and fabric knots to fasten the cuff. While standard cuffs are worn on formal as well as casual settings. These are fastened by buttons and a part of the regular men’s wear.

Dress shirts guide cuffs