Over the years, designers all around the world came up with new ideas for men’s dress shirts. Coming up with newer and more flattering patterns and styles, they have made so much more available for men to choose from. It makes it possible to dress up differently for special occasions and places. We bring you a guide on six different check patterns for dress shirts available. Ranging from bigger checks to smaller ones, you can now add a different dress shirt to your wardrobe each time you go shopping.

Dress shirt pattern checks


This pattern comprises of vertical and horizontal lines of two different colours overlapping each other. The pattern gives a sophisticated touch to your dress shirt and can be worn with plain pants to enhance its look. It’s a perfect pattern for professional environments such as business meetings. The plaid dress shirts can be worn throughout the whole year and is considered timeless.

Gingham Check

Gingham check is a pattern with equal sized squares formed by vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other with equal spaces. The pattern is formed by a combination of a white background and two shades of the same colour.
The design can be worn year round but especially in summers as it gives a brighter look. This pattern can be found on dress shirts as well as on neck ties.

Dress shirt pattern checks gingham

Houndstooth Check

Houndstooth check got this name due to the pattern itself which resembles dog's teeth. It comes in black and white colours mostly and the pattern particularly comprises of uneven and distorted checks which gives a pointed shape.
Dress shirts for formal situations are preferred in black and white while it comes in other colour combinations as well but those are preferred to be worn in casual settings. It is an interesting design but should be worn carefully as it is not one of the usual, formal looking patterns.

Dress shirt pattern checks houndstooth

Tattersall Check

This is one of the most prominent checks worn in London and also in other parts of the world. Ideal to wear in casual settings, you can add this design to your wardrobe and complement it with pants and accessories of your choice.
The checks are formed by repeated regularly spaced vertical and horizontal stripes which form squares within squares and each stripe can be of a different colour.

Dress shirt pattern checks tattersall


This check pattern comprises of very small checks which are formed by the crossing of thin vertical and horizontal lines assing very close by each other. The check size is so small that is gives a look of a solid texture. Many business dress shirts have this design and it is often worn at the office. But it can be worn at casual occasions and outings as well.


Windowpane checks are slightly bigger and wider checks which get their name due to the window pane look formed by the overlap of line. It is a common look at formal settings and looks great when worn in combination with suits. The pattern is formed by solid and thin lines which are far apart and these lines are usually of a single colour.