No matter what size you are, getting the right fit clothes is of crucial importance and makes an outfit special. For big men having clothes that work with their size rather than against it is even more important and can even help overcome the stereotypes society has against those of a bigger size. At the heart of the correctly fitting outfit for big men is the dress shirt.

The fit for big men
For big men, one of the most important things to remember is that having a dress shirt that is too big, regardless of their size, hides nothing and actually accents size. Sagging clothes give the impression of sloppiness, playing into those stereotypes and the excess material tends to wrinkle easier, adding further to the impression of carelessness. Many men dress in shirts that are two or three sizes bigger than they need to hide themselves but this simply doesn’t work.

The rule is simple with the fit – the better the fit, the more comfortable the clothing feels and the better you feel about yourself. The ideal fit is when the clothes rest lightly against the body but not being clipped anywhere, as this is just as bad as having too much material hanging around.

Dress Shirts for Big Men

For Big Men: Your own style
What you wear is always a personal choice and everyone has their own style. But if you are unsure what your style is, or isn’t, then here are a few tips to consider.

Big men have a presence to them so you don’t want anything that makes you seem overwhelming. Therefore when picking dress shirts, avoid patterns as these can be too much and also by picking broad and solid coloured shirts you can tone down your presence. Lightly coloured shirts can work well, as well as ones with thin, subtle stripes.

Avoid heavy materials in clothing for two reason; one is that they make you appear bulkier and two is that they can be hotter and induce sweating. Go for cotton materials rather than heavier materials such as silk.

For BIg Men: Dress Shirts

Shirt specifics for Big Men
As well as getting the right fit dress shirt for your size and shape, there are other subtle finishes that will help complement your overall appearance. One of these has to do with face shapes – if you have a broad face, go for a shirt with a broad collar. Broad collars are also known as spread collars and most shirts will be classified as this if they have a separation greater than 90 degrees. They help to make your face look proportionate and allow for a nice, full necktie knot, such as the Full Windsor, that also works well.

If you want a shirt that can be worn untucked as well as tucked in, aim for ones that have a single plane of fabric to go over the waistband area. Rounded hems such as found on some shirts and on polo shirts can work. They are long enough to hand in the right area, normally to the bottom of the back pocket of a pair of trousers. Otherwise, the risk is that these shirts will leave areas of flesh uncovered that spoils the look.