According to studies, human beings are getting taller and therefore the proportion of men who will be classed as tall men is going to increase over the coming years. It also means it has increased over the past few generations, yet getting dress shirts for tall men that fit correctly can still be a challenge. Like everything about the world, most shirts don’t seem quite the right fit for tall men and end up feeling wrong and looking wrong. So how can you find a perfect dress shirt for a tall man?

Tall and natural
A tall man who is wearing clothes that fit him well and accent his form naturally looks like he could rule the world – and near enough has! In fact, 18 of the 28 US presidential elections since 1900 have been won by the taller candidate (full list). But none of these guys would have had any success if their clothes didn’t fit them perfectly.

Obama - Dress Shirt Tall Men

When it comes to dress shirts, there are several key factors to consider in your look:

  • Sleeves should be the right length
  • Shoulders should have enough room in them so they don’t pinch
  • Shirt tails should be long enough to securely tuck into the trousers and stay there
  • Dress shirts should fit well enough to be comfortable but not to billow
  • Colours and patterns shouldn’t make your height become overwhelming

The right style for large men
The tall man doesn’t have it quite as tricky as some other body types when it comes to the right fit and style but there are still a few do's and don’ts. When it comes to a dress shirt, you can wear a patterned one if it is the right type but avoid strong vertical stripes as these accent your height. Also go for a dress shirt that contrasts or complements your suit but isn’t the same colour – an expanse of one solid colour does little for the effect.

Make sure that a dress shirt fits well around the sides, or the waist. Unless you have a very solid torso, many shirts can bag around the sides, leading to that unwanted ‘muffin top’ look, where a ring of fabric gathers where the shirt is tucked in.

Muffin Top - Dress Shirt for Tall Men

Tall men body types
If you are heavy as well as being big, keep away from textured and heavy materials, as these will accent your size. Go for lightweight materials such as cotton and don’t give in to the urge to add a double-breasted jacket over the top. On the turn side, if you are a skinny and tall man, textured weaves are just fine and heavier materials can hang nicely on a slender frame. Just ensure there isn’t too much extra material around the waist to prevent the dreaded 'muffin top'.

Finally, and this applies to all body types, take a quick measurement from between your shoulders down to the bottom of the pocket of your trousers. By ensuring the shirt is this length you can be certain it will tuck into your trousers and stay there – no exposed areas of skin when you stretch up or bend over!