Slim fit dress shirts are yet another fashion conundrum that seems to perplex the male population. While they try to provide the comforting reassurance of a tapered, well-suited dress shirt to those who are slimmer than the average man, they often lead to disappointment if they do not drape the body well.

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Normal Dress Shirt vs. Slim Fit Dress Shirt

This seems to confuse many, and not without reason. Many leading fashion brands tend to advertise dress shirts to be slim fit, but the difference with the standard dress shirts is negligible.One feature that makes a slim fit shirt stand out is the fact that it is narrower at the waist. This is integral when it comes to selecting a slim fit dress shirt, because it automatically negates a man of tall and broad “standard” built. Since the emphasis is on providing a neater shape, it is also important to determine that the shirt is narrow, but not constricting. The idea is not to have tightened fabric in the stomach area, rather to accentuate the natural contours of a thin body without giving the illusion of extraneous weight.

The Trade-off Between Length And Fit

It goes without saying that a lanky man is definitely taller than the average man. That is why a standardized shirt would neither provide him the look nor the comfort that is needed in a formal setting because it would inevitably be too short. The right dress shirt for such a person will therefore be greater in length, but just so that it can be tucked in. If the dress shirt is too long, it will require shoving in fistfuls of fabric and will create an accordion-like pleated effect at the back of the waist. The well-fitting slim fit dress shirts are longer, and will easily allow itself to be tucked in to provide a neat look. The perfect slim fit shirt will furthermore provide comfort throughout the day.

Combining slim fit dress shirts

The extra long slim fit dress shirt can be ideally paired with a jacket. If the look is business casual, the dress shirt is simply combined with cotton pants and no tie. The standard professional look includes a well-fitting jacket that settles well because of the underlying slim fit dress shirt.

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Features of the extra long slim fit dress shirts

Slim fit dress shirts have the following characteristics:

  • Shorter yokes- the length between both shoulders at the back of the shirt.
  • Significant tapering on the sides
  • Collars with wider flares and shorter points
  • Narrow at the waist


The slim fit dress shirt is often considered to be a myth. Shirts that have often been marketed as slim fit may still be a little wide. The trick to using these dress shirts is to tuck the shirt all round, grab the excess material on the side and then pull it
towards the back of the pants. While this leads to the inevitable problem of having to bunch loose fabric into the pants,
it provides the right look for a lean man.

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