If you are a big man, big and tall men’s fashion can become a bit of a trial. Getting clothes that are the right fit can be tricky and putting it all together into something that complements your shape and size can be even harder. But there are style icons out there to be inspired by and getting the right clothes starts with knowing what works for you.

Big men - Big and Tall Fashion

Big Men Fashion

When it comes to dressing the big man, first thing to do is to make sure what you wear makes you feel confident. Many people feel self-conscious about their size but it is important to accept what you are, even if you are trying to change it. The two problem areas tend to be the stomach and backside so the aim is to choose clothes that make these areas look more proportionate to everything else.

By picking a jacket with side vents, you gain a little room and it takes the emphasis away from the hips and backside. Nothing looks worse than a big man with a tight jacket or a tight dress shirt. Similarly, pleated pants give more room around the thigh area and helps with the appearance of proportionality.

For casual clothes, aim for combinations that also make your body seem more proportionate. One example is to take a light coloured shirt and add a dark sweater or cardigan as this has a slimming effect. Dark colours and dark jeans will work in your favour and by combining with a patterned or textured top, it will take attention away from the hip area.

Tall men fashion

Choosing the right outfit for tall guys is a bit easier than for big guys, but there are still challenges to be met. When it comes to casual clothing, flat front pants are a good tip if you are tall and slim while pin stripes are also a good look. By using thin stripe patterned shirts, you can elongate your torso and make your frame seem more proportionate when you have long legs. A similar effect can be achieved from the combination of bright coloured tops with dark coloured bottoms.

Stripes for Big and Tall Men Fashion

When it comes to more formal outfits, understanding your own body shape is a must. Otherwise, you can end up with shirts that are too long and create a muffin-top bulge in your pants or shirts which are too short and pull out of your pants when you stretch. The same applies to your suits jacket and even when layering casual clothes – you don’t want a shirt that is miles below a sweater, as this looks a bit odd.

Big and Tall Fashion

The good news is, the world of men’s clothing and fashion is rapidly developing to understand that not everyone is of average height and weight. This means there are classy suits and dress shirts available for all the variations of size and shape. By applying a few simple fashion tips, you can look as good as the mid-height, mid-weight guy