Being tall is all dandy, and many do not find any trouble finding a way to look good in clothes (or without them). However if you add in being big to being tall, then, that in itself is a different problem altogether.

Worry not because if you are looking for ways to still look good in spite the attributes you were given, then, you came to the right place.

With the Right Fit, Comes Good Looks
When we say fit, this basically means having the cloth touch your skin. However, it is important to avoid dress shirts that are too tight because it creates the illusion of amplifying one’s size.

Color Helps
Picking out the right color to wear is also as important. For tall and big individuals, experts would advise you to wear dark colored clothing. This does not mean that you should wear exclusively for black or brown. Instead, opt for darker shade so you may also have a variation in the colors you wear. If you want to pick other colors such as blue or green for example, opt for those that lean to a darker shade.

dress shirts large and tall

Make Patterns become Your Best Friend
Clothing patterns are necessary, and for people with your frame it is important that you choose patterns that go vertical. Avoid picking clothing that have horizontal patterns because they make an illusion of making one’s body wider, thus bigger.

In addition, when you choose non-linear patterns, then, make sure that patterns on the shirts are arranged in a vertical manner.

Choose the Right Kinds of Clothing
If you are a man with size, both length and width, it is smart to pick dress shirts instead of just wearing basic T-shirts. Dress shirts make you look more fashionable. If you are persistent in wearing t-shirts, make sure the neck is outlined like a V.