When a taller man starts looking for a dress shirt online, the first thing they have to know is what size they are. But a simple large, extra-large or medium isn’t going to get the best fitting shirt and, just as importantly, one that stays tucked in during the natural movements of the day. Therefore, how do you find extra tail dress shirts online that are going to stay in the trousers?

Tall measurements
When looking for a shirt, there are various measurements involved to getting that perfect fit. Firstly, measure around your chest by placing the tape measure under your armpits at the largest part of your chest. Make sure it goes across your shoulder blades at the back and that it is snug but not tight. This is your chest measurement.

Similarly, run the tape measure around your neck, leaving a finger or two worth of gap between your neck and the tape. This is your collar measurement.

To get an idea about the length of the shirt you need, get someone to measure you from the middle of the back of your collar down to the point just below the rear pocket on your trousers. This measurement will give you an ideal length for your body size. Now you are ready to start looking online for the perfect dress shirt.

Measure extra long dress shirts online

Tall dress shirts
When buying dress shirts online, you will often see reference to ‘tall’ as an extra category to the normal size of shirts. Most brands add 2 inches to the sleeves of their normal sized shirts for a tall shirt and 2.5 inches to the body length. So this means that if the normal shirt length is 24-27.5 inches, a tall version will be 26.5-30 inches.

Another easy way to work out if a shirt is going to be long enough for you is to see how many buttons it has on it. The more buttons on the front of the shirt, the longer the shirt is. Most brands longest shirt length will feature nine buttons so in a tall variation will be around 39.5-42.5 inches long.

Why extra long tail?
The idea behind having the extra tail on a shirt is quite simple – it is there to keep your shirt in your trousers. When measuring yourself for a shirt, you measured to your pocket, not to your waist and this gives you an extra length of material to work with. If you plan to wear your shirt untucked, this is also the perfect length that looks stylish and smart.

You can test a shirt is the correct length when you get it by trying it on then going doing simple exercise – reach up high with your hands above your head. Your shirt is the right length if it remains tucked into your trousers and there is no sign of skin showing at either side. Remember that shirts are at their longest point at the spot you measured and tend to angle upwards on either side of this so if you do reduce the length of shirt you select, remember to consider this. Your look is spoiled if your shirt stays tucked in at the back but rides up and lose at the sides.

Men with extra long dress shirts online