Undoubtedly, tall people stand out for their appearance and build up. However, they usually get into trouble while choosing apparels for their wardrobe. From their shoes to shirts, they hardly get the exact size. This is where extra long dress shirts come in. For most dress shirts, the fit is too slender and small for tall people. And with tall I mean taller than 1.80m (almost 50% of the western population).

In formal occasions especially you want to look at your best. And for tall men an extra long dress shirt can be the solution. Don't even think about tucking in your shirt the whole evening. Yes! Instead of pulling and stretching your dress shirts, you should go for extra long dress shirts that are easy to tuck in.

Looking For Extra Long dress Shirts
Extra long dress shirts have now been around since some years. There are several brands that have focus and dedication towards tall men fashion. And hey! often the entrepreneurs are long and tall too. When you begin to shop for an extra long dress shirt that stays tucked in, ensure that you try and find dress shirts tht are at least 1 - 2 inches longer at the tail (extra body length). And have sleeves that are one = two inches longer.

Extra long dress shirts that stay tucked in

Why Should You Go for Extra Long Shirts?
Extra long shirts do not cost you much or even more than normal. For all men taller than 1.80 meters (5'9") extra long dress shirts are a must. Extra long dress shirts are not just longer, they are tailored especially for the taller man. Here are some elements unique to extra long dress shirts

  • longer sleeves (longer than 70 centimeters, or sleevelength 7, or sleeve 7).
  • extra long tails (extra back length)
  • strong fabrics for ironing (easy iron) - and last long
  • an extra button (to adjust for the more widely spaced buttons)
  • a complete collection

A mistake you will never make again
If you are taller than 1.80 meters and to date wear normal dress shirts (not being extra long) then you have probably experienced shirts that fit you perfect when you bought them - but are now too small. The sleeve crawl up and you are continuously tucking in you shirt. This is where extra long dress shirts come in. Problem solved.

finding extra long dress shirts

Finding extra long dress shirts that stay tucked in
Before shopping online or offline, be sure to measure your sizes. Here is a simple guide. And hint hint: write it down!

  1. Measure your neck/collar in centimeters. If you wear ties every day this is your collar size, or for a more relaxed fit add 1 centimer. If you do not wear a tie then you can deduct 1 or 2 centimeters.
  2. Measure your waist. Your waist is said to be the second most distinguishing factor for choosing a properly sized dress shirt. Add 6-8 centimeters to your measurement as the perfect waist size (you do not want the dress shirt to choke your body after several washings).
  3. Decide if you need extra sleevelenght. Dress shirts normall have a sleevelengt between 50 and 69 centimeters. This is normal and right for men ranging in height from 1.50 meters to 1.85 meters. But if you are longer than 1.80 meters we advise sleeve7 dress shirts or in other words a dress shirt with longer sleeves that are longer than 70 centimeters.

The perfect dress shirt tuck
Extra long dress shirts keep you tucked in and this opens a variety of "tucking methods":

The Trouser Tuck
This is the very basic way of tucking your shirts that your ancestors would have been using. It is simple enough: you just have to wear your shirt first, button it up, and then pull up your pants. Button it up over your shirt and you are done.
The Military Tuck

For those who like to dress up, you would again need long dress shirts. You need to create thin pleats and flatly pin beneath the trouser waist to give a stiff, crisp tuck. To give a firm and formal look, you should be choosing such a style of tucking your dress shirt.

The Shirt Tuck
This is a basic way for t-shirt junkies who have just started to wear long dress shirts as a part of their office attire. Once you have worn your shirt and buttoned it, you then need to clip one end of your elasticized garters with your shirt’s tail and the other end with your socks. Then put on your pants and button it. This will help you freely do whatever you want without getting creases on your shirt.