When it comes to finding longer dress shirts for men who are taller than the average height, the first thing to understand is how to measure for a shirt. Buying a dress shirt isn’t simply a case of picking a certain size, say large, and tucking it in to hope it looks okay – the shirt should fit correctly in a number of places and should be longer for taller men to suit their body shape.

Shoulders and collars on dress shirts
Starting at the top, the shoulders of the shirt should fit the top of your shoulders and the point where the sleeves meet the body shouldn’t hang down your arms. With the collar on both standard length and longer dress shirts, the measurement should be taken from your neck, leaving a finger or two gap between the neck and the collar. You can leave a little more room if you don’t plan to wear ties.

Finding casual extra long dress shirts

The Dress Shirt Body
For taller men, sometimes this means being longer in the body but sometimes your height comes from your legs. Either way, the fit across the chest should be snug but allowing the fullest range of movement when you are wearing it. If you have a bit of a belly, don’t give in to the idea of having huge amounts of extra material involved as this won’t actually flatter you any. The area around the armhole needs to fit on the same principle – plenty of room to move but not too much material hanging around. The length of the sleeve should be long enough that the cuff sits at the base of the thumb as a rule.

Finding longer dress shirts
The perfect length of a dress shirt should be comfortable to wear whether you tuck it in or leave it untucked. When untucked, the tail of the dress shirt should fall just below the pockets of your dress trousers. When worn tucked in, you should be able to raise your arms all the way above your head and the shirt should remain tucked into your trousers. If your shirt pops out and skin is showing when you do this test, the shirt is too short.

To get an idea of the length dress shirt that will be suitable for you, measuring from the middle of the collar down your back to the desired length will give you a number. You can then use this number alongside a general guide to the number of buttons on a shirt to get an idea if a shirt will be long enough for you when shopping online. This guide is:

  • 6 buttons – 24 – 27.5 inches
  • 7 buttons – 28 – 32.5 inches
  • 8 buttons – 33 – 36.5 inches
  • 9 buttons – 37 – 40 inches

So if the measurement from your collar to just under your trouser pocket is 38 inches, then a shirt with nine buttons is a good starting point to finding a longer shirt that will fit you correctly. You can then apply the other information you have gathered, such as collar size, to ensure you get the perfect fit of a dress shirt.

The best extra long dress shirts - and finding it!