Dress shirts are most famous among men of all ages. They come from different brands, in various colors, styles, sizes and textures. Here is a guide about extra long tail dress shirts. Extra long tail dress shirts are normally worn by big and tall men. They have longer tails and a fit - fitted to the taller man.

Slim-Fit Dress Shirts
Dress shirts can easily be identified by the woven fabric specially used in making these shirts. They differ from the casual shirts in terms of the make and structure. They have a collar, a full front with buttons, full length sleeves and a long tail in the front and back to get easily tucked in the pants.

Slim fit dress shirts extra long

Neck ties look good with them and add grace to the personality. Unlike traditional shirts, the slim fit shirts are stitched narrower from the waist to highlight the person's athletic build and for this, this type of dress shirt is often known as the "athletics cut". The slim fit dress shirts are a good choice to look presentable and youthful. They make an ideal combination when worn with slim fit jeans or trousers.

Categories in Men's Extra Long Tail Dress Shirts Online
Formal shirts are meant for formal places and occasions, but there are choices within this category as well. You can choose the right style of shirt ranging from business conservative, business casual, or formal occasion shirts.

Business Casuals
Famous in the blue and white range, these oxford shirts are suitable to be worn at offices. Made with fine chambray and denim fabric, they are worn buttoned to the top without the need to wear a necktie. Business casuals have buttons at the collar points and a chest pocket. These come in stripes, checks and subtle plaid patterns and are a good combination with jeans, khakis, and formal dress pants.

Casual extra long dress shirts

Traditional Offices and Occasions
Traditional office wear includes the formal white and light blue shirts. Executive meetings and conventional offices require workers to dress up in such formal shirts. Some businesses allow different colours to be worn but they must be professional and nicely tucked in, therefore, extra long tail dress shirts available online, are best for such places.

Formal Shirts for Special Occasions
A white tuxedo shirt with black tie is a famous wear at special occasions. Such shirts usually have pleats which make these stand out. They have a regular buttoned cuff or a French cuff. It looks good with a bow when the collar is a wing collar. Few local stores offer concession for work-related clothing purchases while such shirts in extra long tail are available online too.

Quality Check When Buying Extra Long Tail Dress Shirts Online
The quality of a shirt depends on the following elements:

  • Collar points should be levelled
  • Sleeves’ length should be equal
  • Sleeve placket should have gauntlet
  • Buttons should be cross-stitched
  • High quality shirts have pearl buttons
  • Extra buttons are included
  • Fabric should easily wrinkle if pressed
  • Collar and cuffs should not be stiff or limp
  • All-cotton shirts offer comfort
  • Finest blends are silky soft

long tail extra long dress shirts