How to Choose an Extra Long T-Shirt

Many men think that a T-shirt is just something that you pull on after work while you watch the TV or when you call in at the gym for a workout. It is a functional piece of clothing and what it looks and fits like doesn’t really matter. That may be, but a well fitted T-shirt can be a great friend that makes you look good – and when you look good, you feel good. For the taller man, this means choosing the right extra long T-shirt to complement his shape. Most brands have sizechart available.

sizechart extra long tshirts

Extra long

It’s an easy trap to fall into – you try a T-Shirt and it is too short for your body size so you tell yourself not to stretch up when wearing it. As long as it fits okay across the chest and belly, you convince yourself it’s not a problem and will do. But if you stretch up, it comes untucked from your pants. And you don’t dare stretch downwards for fear of what will be exposed. But you tell yourself it’s the downside of being taller than average, something you have to put up with.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! The key for a taller guy to get the right fit T-shirt is to go for one that is longer than normal. It will likely come under the listing for ‘extra long’. This means you can stretch up as far as you like without worrying about showing off your middle. Or bending over and showing off worse than that.

Bigger not better

The other extreme men often go to in the T-shirt department is to think that a bigger T-shirt will mean longer. They think that this will sort the length issue. This isn’t always the case as a bigger size assumes you have a larger chest and doesn’t have any bearing to your height. This is different if you are shopping somewhere that offers tall and large sizes. They will likely show exactly which ones are longer as well as bigger.

But why is bigger not better? Because if a T-shirt is too big for you, it hangs off your frame, makes you look larger than you are and can even make you look untidy. Imagine trying to tuck that extra material into your pants – you end up looking like you have a rubber ring around your waist! If you opt for an extra long T-shirt, there won’t be excess material spoiling your look.

Finishing touches

When you are buying a T-shirt, if the size isn’t right then nothing will hang right either. So, the smart scoop neck will be halfway down your chest. The side splits are nowhere near your waist. Or the shoulder seams are midway down your upper arm. This all gives a somewhat sloppy look that makes you seem as if you don’t really care about how you look. So if you want to look as smart in your T-shirt as you do in the rest of your wardrobe, then why not search today for an extra long T-shirt?