Learning to correctly fold a t-shirt might sound like a waste of time. After all, it can then hang up in the wardrobe just as easily so why learn to fold? Yet there can be plenty of times when you will need the space for other hanging items or need items folded for travelling. So learning to fold the t-shirt properly will save you time when you come to wear it because it won’t need to be ironed again.

how to fold a t-shirt in 4 simple steps

How to fold a T-shirt: step 1

Take a freshly ironed t-shirt and spread it on a flat surface such as a clean table or a bench. Lie it down so that the front of the t-shirt is visible. Make sure the neck of the shirt is to the right and the bottom of the shirt is to your left.

How to fold a T-shirt: step 2

Next, visualise a line on the t-shirt. One end of it should be on the shoulder furthest away from where you are standing between the neck and the sleeve. The other end of the line should be straight across the t-shirt to the bottom. You can even use a bit of ribbon or a ruler to make the line a reality while you get the hang of it.

Find the spot along the line that effectively separates the shirt into two equal sections. The one to your right has the neck and sleeves while the one to the left has the bottom hem of the t-shirt. With your left hand, pinch the fabric at this point with finger and thumb, ensuring both sides of the t-shirt are together.

How to fold a T-shirt: step 3

Next, with your right hand, pinch the end of the line at the shoulder and move your right hand over your left to the bottom of the t-shirt. Your arms should end up being crossed with right being over the left.

With the hand holding the shoulder area, also take up the bottom of the t-shirt, ensuring that both layers are also grabbed together. Uncross your hands and lift the shirt up off the bench but make sure you don’t rotate the shirt when doing this.

How to fold a T-shirt: step 4

Lastly, lower the shirt over the loose sleeve and if everything went to plan, a folded rectangle of shirt should be produce. Lower the shirt back onto the bench with the loose sleeve contacting first then the rest of the shirt lying on top of it.

Practise often..

While this might sound a bit complicated, one you go this a few times you will soon get the hang of it. The crossing of the hands is most often said to be the complicated bit so plenty of practise is a good idea. But by doing this, you will soon have a pile of shirts that are neatly folded. And if you use the same method every time, all your folded shirts will be the same size. This will make packing for a holiday simple and keeping your shirt drawers organised easier. It also means that you can decide on the spur of the moment to wear a t-shirt without worrying it will need ironing first. Isn’t that perfect when you get a last minute call to meet friends?