There are a number of factors that go into getting the perfect dress shirt. The size of the shirt is the first one with the fit being second. But to get the right look, elements such as sleeve length and neck size are important. Measuring your neck size therefore is a crucial step to take before buying a dress shirt. But how do you measure your neck size?

Measuring the neck

The simplest way to measure your neck is to take a soft tape measure. This is the type used by dressmakers, rather than DIY fans. You could use a metal tape measure but it might be awkward and uncomfortable.

Wrap the tape measure around your neck with the starting point around one inch from where your neck and shoulders meet. This is often around the bottom of the Adam’s apple.

Next, bring the tape fully around the neck, leaving no space between it and the skin. Don’t pull it tight so that it pinches the skin and make sure it is straight. If you measure with it at an angle, you won’t get a true measurement.

Take a note of the number at the point where the tape measure overlaps. This number is the actual size of your neck – but not the neck size for a shirt. To find out what this is, you need to add half an inch to the size. So if your neck measure at 15 inches, your dress shirt neck size will be 15.5 inches. If your neck fell between the ¼ inch, then round up the nearest half inch. So if you measured 16.25 inches, then this would come to a 16.5 inch shirt. Normally, dress shirt sizes will rang between 14 and 19 inches.

how to measure my neck size

How to choose the perfect fitting dress shirt

To get the right dress shirt, it can often pay to measure your sleeve length while you are on. The two pieces of information combined will allow you to get the perfect dress shirt. To measure your sleeve length, stand with your arms at your sides. Then bend your arms slightly and tuck your fingers into the front pockets of your trousers.

Next, get someone to place the tape measure at the middle of your upper back, just under the nape of the neck. Measure from this spot to the stitching on the shoulders of your top and note down the number.

Next measure from this second point to the bottom of the wrist. Ideally, the wrist bone should be on the measuring tape. Don’t go too short or your sleeves will be up your arms.

You now have two sleeve values that are added together to get a sleeve length. Normal ranges are from 32-37 inches.

how to measure my sleeve length

Adding it together
By combining the neck size and sleeve length, you can ensure you get the right dress shirt. Men’s shirts will come with size, fit but also neck, and sleeve size. By ensuring that your size matches these details, you know you have the right shirt. It will fit like a dream and you will feel comfortable in it. Most brands or webshops have a size chart available. So check out and be sure that you buy the perfect fitting dress shirt. And for tall people with extra long sleeve lenght, sleeve7 is the leading brand in extra long dress shirts.

So what’s stopping you getting the tape measure out?