Choosing the right size dress shirt is a series of small battles. Getting the right chest size and the right body length are two areas. Getting the right sleeve lengths is another. Too short or too long and your look is completely spoiled. But how do you get the right sleeve length without needing to try on countless shirts? What is the best way toe measure your sleeve length?

How to measure your sleeve length?
The best way to determine your perfect sleeve length is to measure yourself and use this information to find that ideal number. The way to do this is to measure the length of your arm from the centre spot where the shoulders meet the neck. Hold your arm as if you have your thumb hooked in your pants pocket and take the tape along from arm to elbow. Then carry on down to the wrist and stop where the forearm joins the palm of the hand. The bend in the arm makes sure that you have a bit of movement when wearing the shirt.

how to measure your sleeve length

You can also use this measure to sort out jacket sleeve lengths as well. Jackets are simpler than shirts and tend to come in short, regular, long or extra long options with most men falling into long. The good thing about jackets is that if you are slightly off, you can always get a tailor to sort it out for you, a little trickier to do with a shirt.

The right length
The measurement along doesn’t just get you the shirt sleeve length. You need to remember that you want a touch shirt peeking under the edge of the jacket for the perfect look. Men’s suit experts say that half an inch is the perfect amount but obviously, this depends on taste. Shorter is better but longer, not necessarily so good! This peek can also be altered by the type of cuffs that your shirt has. If you plan to wear French cuffs or cufflinks, you will likely want a little more cuff showing to exhibit these. These are the display styles that you don’t want hiding under your jacket or you wouldn’t wear them.

The right shirt
Once you know exactly what length shirt sleeve works perfectly for you, then you can start tracking down the shirt. Armed with the size, neck size, sleeve length and body length you will have an armoury of information to help you get the right shirt.
When looking for this perfect shirt, don’t forget to take into account the length of your body as well as your sleeve. If you have a longer than average body length, then the shirt will also need to be longer. Otherwise, when you move around, even if the cuffs are sitting in the right place, the hem of the shirt could be exposed or worse, the skin underneath. So while a short or long sleeve looks terrible, so too does a short shirt length. On the turn side, don’t go too big, as you will end up looking like you are wearing a tent. This doesn’t do much for your style and you won’t feel comfortable – it’s the worst mistake a plus sized guy can make in particular.

So pop on your favourite shirt and do a good bit of moving around – do all the important elements stay where they should do?

The right dress shirt for men