To determine your shirt collar/neck size, you need to measure around your neck just above your collarbone, putting 1 finger between the tape and your neck. Or simply measure and add 1/4 inch or ½ centimeter. Round up to the closest ½ inch size (US) or whole centimeter (EU).

If you want to buy a new (dress) shirt it is important to do the right measurements and to know your sizes. Because it won't look good if the shirt is not fitting perfectly. Finding the right measurements is not hard to do but you need to know how to find them. The following steps will help you and everyone else who is looking for a well-fitting dress shirt. The best way to measure is if you let someone else do it for you. This guide will help you to determine your exact collar/neck size.

Step 1: Importance of knowing the right Neck/Collar Size

First of you need to measure your neck size to know your actual shirt neck/collar size. It is really important that the collar fits well around the neck. If the collar is too tight around the neck it won't be comfortable - especially if you need the top button to be closed or if you want to wear a tie the whole day. If the collar is too loose around the neck it will look a bit sloppy. You can measure the neck size as following:

Step 2: Measurement of the neck - Neck/Collar Size

Wrap the measuring tape around the neck, just above the height of your shoulders (preferably just above the collarbone). Make sure the tape is not wrapped around the neck too tight but don't leave any space between the tape and the neck either. Also be aware that the measuring tape is held as straight as possible while measuring the neck size.

Measuring your collar size (neck size)

Step 3: Add some margin to your Neck Size for the Collar Size

After you measure the neck you should add another half an inch or whole centimeter. You then round that number up to the next (or nearest) half inch or whole centimeter. Dress shirts are often sold in half inch (or sixth and quarter inch) in the US/UK system or whole centimeter measurements in the EU/JPN system..

This is your actual (neck) shirt collar size. Depending on the country you live in the neck size is expressed in inches or centimeters. Normally the neck size ranges between about 14-18 inches or 36-46 centimeters.

How to measure your collar size add some margin

Step 4: Converting your Neck/Collar Size between EU and US measurements

The easy way to convert from inches to centimeters is to multiply your collar size by 2,54 centimeter per inch: this will give you your collar size in centimeters. Don’t forget to round off to the nearest whole centimeter (preferably rounding up). To convert from centimeters to inches you do the opposite and divide by 2,54 centimeters to find your collar size in inches.

Inch to Centimer Collar Size Conversion Chart