The way a dress shirt should fit is not as easily determined as it seems. A number of aspects should be taken into account before you can make the right decision. What are these aspects and how can you make the right choices?

Tight Buttons - Long Tail Dress Shirts

The collar fit of the dress shirt

The collar of a long tail dress shirt should touch the neck, but should not press against it. The best way to test if your collar fits as it should is by using your finger. You should be able to slip a finger in between your neck and the dress shirt at any point without struggling. If you are forcing your finger between the collar and the neck it tells you the collar fit is too tight. It is too loose if the collar rests on the body instead of touching the neck.

The shoulder fit of the dress shirt

The vertical shoulder seam should sit where the shoulder ends and the outer arm starts. If the seam is shifted up toward the neck, it means the dress shirt is too tight. It is too loose if the shoulder seam sits on the outside of the arm.

The Torso fit of the dress shirt

The perfect torso fit lightly touches the body. More important are the buttons. The buttons should close comfortable and neatly, without causing wrinkles around the holes which hold the buttons in place. The long tail dress shirt should also tuck in neatly without it bulging around the waist. A dress shirt which is too loose, will cause a so-called "muffin-top effect". It means the dress shirt puffs out a bit, which looks very untidy.

Muffin Top - Long Tail Dress Shirts

The fit of the long tail dress shirts

Classic fit
Classic fit shirts offer a generous cut across the chest, shoulders, waist as well as the hips, with long tails to ensure they stay tucked in. These shirts are very generic and will fit pretty much any sized man.

Slim fit
These are the standard fit shirts that will fit most shapes and sizes. It’s slimmer at the waist providing a neat shape. Slim fit dress shirt benefit lean men.

Extra slim fit
These are the sleekest cut shirts that fit more closely to the body for a more modern look. These shirts give a more tailored silhouette for a sharp effect.

Extra Long dress shirts
The extra Long dress shirts are exactly what they say. Extra long, for men with extra height to them. These shirts have a longer tail (extra back length) to fit the taller man.

Long tail dress shirt - fit