When it comes to buying the best quality long tailed dress shirts, there are three main factors to consider; the fabric used, the collars and cuffs on the dress shirt and the stitching. Choosing the best quality dress shirt isn’t just a matter of throwing a lot of money at it – it is more about getting the right elements that work in harmony to create a classy and perfectly fitting piece of clothing.

Long Tail Dress Shirts Quality Fabric

Fabric of the dress shirt

The traditional material used in long tail dress shirts is cotton and it is still the most popular today. Man-made fabrics are available and these tend to be more economical than best quality cotton and can take less maintenance but when it comes to getting the best shirt, cotton always wins out over other fabrics. Linen is another traditional material now favoured in
warmer climates and silk is a specialist fabric that is available but tends to be worn on special occasions.

There are a variety of different weaves and styles of cotton dress shirts available. Once you have decided cotton is the material for you, choosing the right weave is the next step. The ideal material is one that is comfortable, smooth and is a pleasure to wear for a long period.

The colour and/or pattern is the next consideration, once material and specific weave has been chosen. Many people still favour the traditional plain white shirt because it matches with anything and complements almost any complexion. Plain coloured shirts in shades such as blue, forest green or even pink are also popular. Pattern shirts can work with plain suits and come in two styles; those that are printed onto the fabric or are actually woven into the very material. The latter is the higher quality version that results in a more textured and luxurious dress shirt.

Collars and cuffs of the dress shirt

As well as the rest of the dress shirt, the collars and cuffs serve a purpose. The collar is the area that holds the neck wear in place while, the cuffs complete the shirt and allow an element of personalisation with the cuff links.

There are plenty of types of collars available to suit your style and shape. There are even collars especially made to fit bowties, or which are suitable to wear without a tie. The collar should always fold in a natural manner without being forced or having any diagonal wrinkles in it. Collar stiffeners are also used on some shirts to ensure a crisp finish.

Cuffs also come in a range of styles from those with buttons already included to those where separate cuff links are needed. Regardless of what style chosen, the cuffs should sit around four inches from the end of the thumb.

Long Tail Dress Shirts Quality Cuffs


Many of the best quality long tail dress shirts use a twin needle to complete the stitching. This creates a tough finish that nonetheless allows the stitching to move naturally with the material. Shirt buttons are usually stitch locked to prevent the material from fraying and adding to the longevity of the shirt.


Combining these elements with a well-fitted dress shirt will result in the best finish to your look. For the taller gentleman; don’t forget to check if the length of the long tail dress shirt is sufficient, to make sure it will stay tucked in the trousers during the course of the day to avoid those embarrassing flashes of skin.