Dress shirts come in an array of shape, size and variety. We got high quality long tail dress shirts on sale available for our customers.

Long Tail dress shirt

The part of the dress shirt that extends beyond the waistline and tapers off is known as the tail. A long tail ensures that the dress shirt fits properly around the chest and can be tucked in appropriately when the person wearing it is tall.

Avoidance of the Muffin Top

Long tail dress shirts are perfectly tailored, taking the needs of the slim yet tall man, into account. They are tailored well throughout the torso area so that they do not bunch up and create the most common problem- the billowy muffin top.
The long tail dress shirts ensure that no material will bulge over the waistband. The shirts are cut right for every frame.

Plumber Butt or Builder's Bum

The biggest problem that many men face is notoriously known as builder's bum or Plumber Butt. The long tail dress shirt alleviates this problem, which is a source of embarrassment to many. These dress shirts that are at least 2-3 inches longer than the average shirt, ensure that the fabric does not hitch up when men bend over.

Dress shirt in formal setting

Even though there are some shirts available in the market that come under the category of business casual, they are almost always short-tailed. While this may prove to be stylish since the tail rests on the thighs, it is not considered appropriate for every-day office work wear. A high quality, stylish, long-tail dress shirt is therefore not only a fashion statement but a must have in every tall man’s wardrobe.

Fashion Faux Pas

Many argue that the crumpled look, with the tail hanging out is universally considered to be a fashion statement. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It represents a shabby and lazy image of the person, who pays little or no attention to the way he presents himself in a business setting. The only time that long shirt tails can be pulled out for convenience is after work when one is lounging about on the roof-top with a cigarette,

or at the bar for post-work drinks. In the corporate world, a man’s image is of vital importance. It cannot be emphasized enough that the key to securing a good deal is not only in the firmness of the handshake and the solidness of the information provided, but the exterior of a person exhibited by his clothes. So, get your long tail dress shirts on sale now!