Lots of men like to spend a good amount of money on their dress shirts, suits and shoes. There’s no doubt that good quality clothing that fits well and looks the part makes you feel good. Wearing the right kind of clothes can even be crucial in getting that job or winning that contract. But for the top 1% of the world, money spent on clothes enters a whole new hemisphere to what the rest of us class as a good amount to spend. So what is the most expensive dress shirts and men’s clothing out there?

Most expensive Dress Shirts

Most expensive dress shirt
Most of us probably haven’t heard of the men’s clothing brand from Switzerland called Eton but they have been around for some eighty years. They currently hold the record for the most expensive shirt. They are currently based in Sweden and sell in a few choice shops around the world. Made from the very best Egyptian cotton, the shirt has coloured diamond studs rather than mere buttons. And it comes with cufflinks that are, of course, studded with white diamonds. The shirt went on auction after a world tour and was expected to raise in the region of £23,000 – with proceeds to go to charity.Similarly, crazy prices are available for the world’s most expensive suit. Made by designer Stuart Hughes and tailor Richard Jewells, the suit used the best cashmere and silk blend. It also happened to be accented with no less than 240 carats of diamonds and took around 600 hours to make. If that sounds like your look, it was available for a mere £581,000.

Must-have accessories
So if you have paid £500,000 for your suit and £23,000 for your shirt, you want some top notch accessories to go with it. If you didn’t like those white diamond cufflinks that came along with the Eton shirt, why not upgrade to a pair of 10.5 carat yellow diamond cufflinks, accented with 5 carats of white diamonds in a trendy baguette cut? These cufflinks are available from Jacob & Co and will only set you back around £2.7 million! Neckties are often the finishing touch for an outfit and when the suit and shirt are all about diamond finishing, then the necktie will need to be in the same club. The Satya Paul necktie comes in at a mere £143,000 and is made from silk and white gold threads with 77 carats worth of diamonds added.Many guys love their shoes and want them to look the part. Of course, in this kind of money bracket, spending £25,000 on shoes may seem cheap but there’s got to be a cut-off point somewhere right? The Moro Alligator Skin Dress Shoes are made by luxury Italian footwear creator Testoni and holds the record as the most expensive dress shoe in the world.

So once you are decked out in this diamond encrusted ensemble, there isn’t a place in the world you couldn’t go – you just need a team of bodyguards with you to protect you against diamond thieves!