Going for a job interview can be very tense and stressful with many things to remember. Worrying about whether what you are wearing works for you is something that you don’t need on top of this. So here are some top tips for what to wear to an interview.

Suit tips
It is always recommended that you have two suits and the two winning colours are a solid navy and a solid grey. Pinstripes might look great on you but for an interview you don’t want anything that is too in-your-face. Go for nice, classical colours without patterns. Your abilities and personality should make you stand out, not your suit. Single breasted suits are the best bet as they are more current in their style than a double breasted version. Two or three buttons are fine with the two button being the more classic and the three slightly more modern. Pick the fabric depending on the season.For the first interview, wear the navy suit and the grey one keep for a second interview. Some people own black or tan suits and these look great in different situations but an interview isn’t one of them. If you get a third interview, you can do for a shadow-stripe if you want to invest in another suit or go back to the navy one as chances are one person won’t have been at all three interviews.

Dress Code for Interviews

Shirts and accessory tips
For interview number one, stick with a white shirt and keep away from blues or neutral colours. Go for a simple shirt collar such as a straight point or one of the less-dressy button down styles. Keep away from tab collars or wide spreads along with monograms or contrasting collar and cuff styles. Unless you are an absolute expert with cufflinks, avoid French cuffs.In material, choose a 100% cotton shirt rather than a blend. This makes for a crisp and pure white shirt. You can choose a blue shirt with the grey suit for the second interview if you feel confident in it.Ties are surprisingly important in the look as it is often one of the first things people notice. An all over pattern such as classic stripes or small dots are a good bet. Don’t go for the bold and mad patterns or fun statement-making styles. And even if you are a fan, never wear a bowtie to an interview. Leave the pocket squares at home and go for your smart and sensible watch, not a sports watch or anything expensive.
For shoes, stick with lace up styles if possible or penny loafers otherwise. Don’t go for current trends such as such straps or buckles and make sure your socks are also black.

Many people ask when organising the interview what they should wear but most of the time, sticking to the classic rules is the safest bet. Someone might tell you business casual but everyone has a different interpretation of this so stick with the basics for a certain result. Better to look a little boring but get the job, right?

How to dress for an Interview