Summer fashion trends can be anything from essential reading to a curiosity, depending on how much you follow fashion. For some men, it is something that must be carefully adhered to so that they are always on trend and current. Other see it more as a bit of inspiration and sometimes, a bit of a laugh. However carefully you follow fashion, here are some of the summer fashion trends in 2015 to look out for.

2015 Summer Fashion Trends: Stripes

Stripes are one of the big trends for summer fashion for both formal and casual clothing. The other good thing about stripes is that if you are tall or big, then the right stripes can be your friend. According to collections such as Gucci and Emporio Armani, smart trousers and shirts can both come with stripes. Combining with a plain coloured piece of clothing works best no matter which you choose. But remember that horizontal stripes make you look wider so are good for tall guys. Vertical stripes on the other hand draw the eye down so add height for the big guy who doesn’t have the height.

2015 Summer Fashion Trends: Denim

Who doesn’t love denim and the material is everywhere in the big name collections for summer. Wearing a good fitting t-shirt with jeans is a classic look or combining jeans and a casual shirt. Using the denim jacket with smart trousers and an Oxford shirt is another look for cooler evenings.

At one time, doubling or tripling denim was a little frowned on but not this summer. Combining a denim dress shirt and jeans with good black boots is a look that works in Tom Ford’s 2015 collection. Or take a faded pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt then add a denim jacket and suede boots for that cowboy look.

Sleeve7 denim dress shirt

2015 Summer Fashion Trends: Colour

According to Pantone, the colour of the year is called marsala and this is a deep reddish brown. But most designers have taken that inspiration and lightened it to a selection of red shades. Red doesn’t always work for everyone and particular with a fairer skin tone can clash. But you can follow the trend by adding a little red into an outfit. A simple dark red crew neck t-shirt can follow the fashion without making you look a little strange. For those with a darker complexion, shades of red from blood red to crimson are all available.

At the other end of the scale in colours is the combination of green and blue. Once said to be enemies in fashion terms, the two colours are now on trend as a combination. But the warning is not to mix in too many other colours. Don’t use black or brown with them so use white or a slate grey if you need a third shade.

2015 Summer Fashion Trends: Patterns and prints

Now for some guys, there’s no considering this year’s pattern trend – floral. But if you feel that floral works okay for you, then you can follow the trend set by names such as Givenchy. The trend incorporates everything from 1970s daisy covered flares to Hawaiian shorts. Even a subtle touch of floral pattern on a dress shirt or t-shirt can do the job if you are brave enough?