Sleeve7 is the premium brand for shirts with sleeve size 7 (extra long sleeve). A mixture of contemporary models alternated with classic models. In a beautiful Modern Fit and slightly slimmer Slim Fit. From plain to floral prints, from tuxedo shirts to shirts with double cuffs. Naturally, all with standard sleeve size 7.

Searching and finding suitable clothing can be a challenge for tall men. This experienced the founders, Sean and Mark, themselves regularly. Knowing that the Dutch are still the tallest people in the world, their mission is to offer the taller men the perfect shirt.

sleeve7 dress shirts extra long

What characterizes Sleeve7?

The shirts are characterized by a tailored fit for the taller man. Where most brands only make the sleeves slightly longer, Sleeve 7 has adapted the whole fit to the body shape and height of the taller man. With thanks to the input of many taller men. For and by tall men so to speak.

All shirts in the collection have:

  • extra back length, so that the shirt does not creep out of the pants and stays nicely in place
  • extra buttons, so that your shirt stays pretty tight
  • extra long sleeves
  • a fit that is optimized through the input of many tall men over 1.80 meters

Sleeve7 about

Only the best fabrics, the finest cotton and the best materials can be found in the collections of Sleeve 7. The collections are always composed by hand, with the quality of the used materials as main intention. From Italian Monti cloths to the best Egyptian cotton. Where good quality is guaranteed. Quality does not always have to be expensive.

Sleeve 7 also stands for sustainability and social responsibility. Unnecessary waste of (packaging) materials is prevented as far as possible. The production takes place in Europe so that cargo is kept to a minimum. The studio is provided with various certificates and the production facilities are regularly visited. To be the 'world's leading brand in tall dress shirts', taking the environment into account and respecting norms and values, are a prerequisite.

Where is Sleeve7 sold?

Sleeve 7 has Europe's largest collection shirts with extra long sleeves. These are for sale through '' (for Holland and Belgium) and '' (international).

Additionally, Sleeve 7 has its own showroom in 'Heerenzaak M' in the Maasstraat 89 in Amsterdam.