1. Ill-Fitting Clothes

Extremely baggy clothes inevitably look like clothing inherited from an older sibling. Certain body types are especially averse to standardized clothing available in leading clothing stores. Therefore, one’s best bet is to avail the services of a good tailor who can trim and taper cloth to provide the best fit.

Fashion mistakes by men

2. A tie Combined With a Short-Sleeved Shirt

A short-sleeved shirt paired with a tie is a definite no. It presents the visually unappealing contrast of a lengthy tie against two short sleeves on the side, which is almost comical in nature. Furthermore, it looks highly unprofessional, breeds low confidence and does not denote blue-collar standards.

3. Dirty Shoes

Many men are not big on maintenance and cleanliness of daily footwear. A stylish and well-groomed man’s shoes should undoubtedly be scratch-free and spotless.

4. Warped Shoes

Every man should have at least two pairs of formal shoes so that they can be alternated. This prevents unnecessary stretching and warping. The usage of shoe-trees further ensures that they maintain their shape.

shoes top 10 fashion mistakes by men

5. Incorrect Pants Length

Pants should extend to the bottom of the shoes but just above the floor to avoid fraying. Pants and jeans should also have a single crease and not a swathe of fabric that bunches about the legs. Certainly, neither jeans nor chinos should be folded when being worn in a formal setting.

6. Incorrect Socks Paired With a Suit

The golden rule is that socks should always match one’s pants, not shoes. Doing so otherwise is considered as ill-matched as pairing the color of the suit pants against a jacket. When wearing a light-colored suit, the socks should be darker than the suit but definitely lighter than the shoes. Any other deviations from tradition can obviously be undertaken for the sake of style, but would not go well in a formal scenario.

7. Wrong Belt Color

In a professional setting, the color of the belt should always match one’s dress shoes. In addition, the finish of the belt and the shoes should be the same. For example, a shiny belt should be accompanied by a sleek pair of shoes, and casual shoes should be matched with a thicker, casual belt.

8. Incorrect Tie Length

The appropriate tie length is always that with ends at the centre of one’s belt buckle. A very long or short tie implies unruliness on a man’s part.

Tie Overlooking the tie fashion mistake

9. Overlooking the Necktie Dimple

This is an error that many men are guilty of. It is therefore imperative that men should know the different ways of tying ties properly so as to avoid hasty tying and embarrassing themselves in a professional setting.

10. Doing up Jackets

Buttoning up a shirt or jacket the right way denotes a high level of class and professionalism. If a jacket has two buttons, only the topmost one should be fastened. If it has three buttons, one can choose to close only the top button, only the middle button, or both the middle and top buttons. The emphasis is to only leave the last button undone, and is the ultimate classic style.