1. Socks and Sandals

This is the ultimate fashion faux pas. These two items of clothing should never be paired together.

top 20 fashion mistakes by men, socks and sandals

2. Cartoon Clothing

Ridiculous belt buckles, and shirts bearing Disney characters should be avoided at all cost.

3. Short Dress Socks

In formal wear, the right length for socks is calf-length. They should not be visible when crossing one’s legs.

4. Wrong Colors

The emphasis should be on the person and not the overpowering color of the attire. Dark-skinned people should wear dark colors, and light-skinned people should prefer pastels.

top 20 fashion mistakes

5. Wrinkled Clothing

Professionalism indicates that all clothes should be ironed and wrinkle-free, and should be hung up to avoid unnecessary creasing.

6. Incorrect Casual Tie

For casual wear, one should always opt for slimmer ties and reserve the wider ones for office use.

7. Using Too Many Colors

Professional clothing is ideally limited to three colors or shades. One should always keep in mind complementary and analogous colors so that the whole outfit is well-put.

8. Pairing a Backpack with a Suit

Many people choose to carry their business paraphernalia in a backpack rather than a messenger bag. The latter can easily be slung across the chest rather than over the back to maintain the corporate, formal look.

9. Overpowering Scent

Perfume should never be slathered on. The general rule is to use two sprays, on the neck and wrists. Reapplication should only take place if necessary.

10. Extraneous Jewelry

Too much jewelry looks tacky and displeasing. In a professional setting, a man should typically restrict this to a good watch and his wedding ring.

11. Trimmed Hair

When faced with a receding hairline, it is best to keep hair short and healthy. Glaring bald spots covered by a thatch of hair looks unseemly and ill-kept.

12. Oversized Clothes

While this would make advertisers have a field day, it is best to avoid wearing shirts bearing huge logos or brand names.

oversized shirts: Top 20 fashion mistakes by men

13. Tucked In Shirts

Polo and dress shirts should be tucked in. If a T-shirt needs to be tucked, it is definitely too long to wear.

14. Layering a Crew Neck Tee under a Dress Shirt

A V-neck shirt is much more suited to dress shirts since they convey a relaxed posture.

15. Hooking Cell Phones to Belts

Cell phones only belong in pockets.

16. Chunky Shoes

Slimmer and attractive shoes are now in fashion. Clunky, square-shaped shoes are by-gones.

17. Too Many Prints

A suit should be limited to two patterns. For example, a patterned suit could be paired with a solid shirt and patterned tie.

18. Ill-Matched Styles

Sporty glasses should never be paired with blazers, or cargo pants with dress shirts. Casual and formal wear should never be mixed.

19. Straining Pockets

Heavy wallets should be emptied and unnecessary items should be discarded. This prevents unnecessary bulges in pockets.

20. Grubby Nails

When doing outdoor work, men should wear gloves and clean grime properly. Otherwise, they should always have trimmed nails and clean cuticles.