Being tall has plenty of advantages but there’s always the fact that you feel lanky. Depending on how you dress, you can also look lanky and when the occasion is an important, formal one, this can knock your confidence. If you are attending a job interview, a business meeting or even a family occasion, you want to feel smart and comfortable. This is easier to achieve than you may think with just a few tips to help you along.

Dress shirts for tall men

Style basics
The aim of the clothing you wear, apart from the obvious modesty issues, is to add mass and reduce your height. The easiest way to do this is to add horizontal elements that make you look a little shorter and adds a little bulk to your shape. Don’t fall into the trap of simply wearing bigger clothes. You can add layers, use broad belts even jacket pockets, all of these can work a little magic on your look. Similarly with casual clothes, asymmetrical patters and graphics can help achieve the aim, keeping the eye focused at the mid-body length and not at the height.Whatever you are wearing, there is no excuse for spare material flapping around. It doesn’t do you any favours and can even accent your height. By going up a size or two to try to compensate for your height will simply make you look ill-kept and a bit scruffy.

Shirts tips
When you are talking about dress shirts for that formal occasion, then this is even more important. Even if you are wearing a shirt under a suit jacket, it still need to be the right fit. Otherwise there can be bulges of material around the waist or around the body where the extra material gathers.Likewise you want a shirt that is long enough for your body size otherwise every time you move, you’ll come untucked. If you can’t reach up without the shirt coming untucked, it isn’t long enough. And nothing looks worse than flashing skin in all the wrong places. Tall length shirts will have the extra material needed to do the job.When it comes to the particulars of the shirt and the outfit, bigger can be better. For example, a full Windsor knot on a tie can work well for tall and slender men. If you have a slender face, this will help make it appear a little broader as well as drawing the eye to the tie, not the face. Shirt collars should be appropriate to the tie you are wearing to create a harmonious look.While those horizontal elements can be a tall guy’s friend, avoid heavy patterns and diagonals. Keep away from slanted diagonals, wide size diamond prints and check patterns on a shirt. With a tie pattern, avoid similar style looks.

Clothes can’t make you short and why would you want to? But feeling comfortable in what you wear and with your height can be done with the right choices. How you look is important but isn’t how you feel the most important factor of all?

Windsor knot