As the summer splutters past us, many of the fashion conscious turn their minds to preparing for the upcoming winter and the associated fashion trends. What will be in and what will be out in winter 2015? And for many, what can we take from the trends to wear on the high street? Here are some ideas to get you started for upcoming winter 2015.

winter fashion trends men

Overall winter 2015 fashion trends

It seems that the British are having a major influence on the trends for this winter. Many of the Italian and French fashion houses following British designers. This means that there is plenty to choose from ranging from luxurious fake furs and Bordeaux based colours to neo-Seventies revival styles.

The fake fur trend won’t be for everyone but if you aren’t adverse to a little faux animal on your clothes, then jackets are the big style. Full length, with big collars, these will be surprisingly warm. And if summer is anything to go by, winter could be a chilly one!

In the suits department, checks are out and neutrals are in. Think shades such as stone, pewter and slate grey. Or for Milan designers, brighter shades such as cream of ivory were favourite. Added this was either a tonal shirt or a contrasting shade – sky blue for example. Even the rich neutral shades such as ecru and camel made appearances on the catwalk.

Prints are also returning to favour for the casual wardrobe this winter. From smart button down dress shirts to casual t-shirts, tonal effects or clean white shades with contrasting patterns are on trend. Photoreal graphics are also a big hit with tops looking like a photo has been transferred onto them.

Winter 2015 fashion trends - colours

As mentioned in suits, grey and its shades are popular this winter. A new wardrobe staple is the chunky yarn jumper or sweater that combines fashion and practicality. V-neck styles are popular and always practical. Some designers are opting for a single head to toe colour while others are opting for colourblocking. Grey is also coming in for accessories from scarves to shoes and even bags. A simple grey jersey scarf a shade darker or lighter than the jumper works perfectly. Even soft grey leather shoes are proving to be on trend for the winter.

The Pantone colour of the year this year was Marsala, a dark reddish brown. For winter, its close cousin Burgundy is looking to be popular. Burgundy has plenty of good associations – wine being one. It is also a good colour to mix with most other colours. So whether in tops or pants, even in accessories, it is an easy colour to get into.

colours winter fashion trends 2015 men

Winter fashion trends 2015 - denim

Denim remains a favourite all year round and winter 2015 is no different. From the refined gentleman look made with dark shades of denim to the ripped jean, there is something for all tastes. Newer washed include silver-grey, vintage blue and raw denim. Denim combined with faux fur is a very current trend from the US this winter, suitable for those colder months. Even adding a touch of embroidery to the denim has surfaces, though again this may not suit all the guys.

denim embroidery winter fashion trend 2015 men

You see yourself wearing embroidered denim?