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ShirtsofHolland is a integer company with a professional and fun atmosphere, which makes it unique in the fashion industry. Sean Heukels and Mark Boekraad personally design the different brand shirts and prepare collections based on crowdlistening for our international brands. We maintain warm relations with the best international brands on the globe.

The Art Of Listening To Your Client
"Mark and Sean have always loved quality clothing and trusted brands. But they also believe in lean processes and crowdlistening. Crowdlistening is the art of listening to the client. And doing this very carefully, almost meticulously. To understand their experiences and wishes."

Lean Business Processes
Lean business processes lie at the base of every succesful company. By reducing waste (muda) on our key processes transport, inventory, motion, waiting, overproduction, over-processing and defects we create efficiency and pleasure in working. Clients and relations recognize and respect this natural way of working. And lean processes lead to happy people everywhere ;)

Personal Guidance and customer succes
"Over the period of years we assisted over 100.000 customers time and again with personal guidance, advice and a passion for customer success. We ship 200.000+ products to families and businesses all over the globe every period of time focussing on trustworthiness and steady relations."

Passionate About Quality
Our personal philosophy and lifestyle have a great influence on the brands. And we are passionate about quality. Quality and experience is what matters and this is recognized over time.

International Brands
We work with luxury and creative international and Dutch brands for our offline mensstore Heerenzaak (Heerenzaak @ Maasstraat 89 in Amsterdam South/Business Centre) and the Dutch national (dress) shirt platform: Brands like: ETON, Cavallaro Napoli, Emanuel Berg, Stenströms, Jacques Britt, Circle of Gentlemen, van Laack, GANT, Calvin Klein, Desoto, Profuomo, John Miller, Lacoste, Björn Borg, Alan Red, Happy Socks, Sleeve7, Liefling, Michaelis, ShirtsofCotton and many more. Premium brands only. We believe in a strong brand atmosphere, simple processes and very, very high standards when it comes to personal service. 

Technologically Developed
Our business processes adhere to high performance standards throughout the company. We like working with EDI/XML or other advanced methods for fast and faultless exchange. We disclose these brands and products in a high value, high quality atmosphere both on iPhone, Ipad (iOS) and any Android device in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Dutch Heritage Brands
From our Dutch offices we run and represent several brands: Sleeve7 (Mouwlengte7), ShirtsofCotton T-shirts, ShirtsofHolland and Liefling. Our products are based on our core principals like crowdlistening, lean processes, quality and exceptional customer service.

Welcom! And Enjoy!

Mark and Sean, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Impressum / Company Information

Online Impressum and Company Information

The online shop is a commercial entity of:

ShirtsofHolland B.V.
Brands: ShirtsofHolland, Mouwlengte7, Sleeve7, ShirtsofCotton, Liefling, HupHollandHip, Heerenzaak (Heerenzaak Amsterdam),
Online shop: Sleeve7 Dress Shirts
Website Host: Digital Ocean / CloudVPS
Waalstraat 114
1079EC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Authorized signatory and representatives:
Sean Heukels

Visiting address, contact information, financial data:
Maasstraat 89
1078HG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 20 23 31 69 5
Mon-Fri 9:00 bis 17:00 CET
Email: click here

Commercial registration and bank details:
Registration at the Dutch chamber of commerce, Kamer van Koophandel Amsterdam
Initial Invested Capital: € 10,500.- (2011)
Commercial Register Number: 60827378
Bank account (IBAN): NL50 INGB 0006 0782 07
VAT No.: NL854077194B01

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