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Personal details are stored with us whenever you are placing an order. This is necessary to process your order. Maybe you are interested to know what we do with this information. If you have any remaining questions after reading this page you can contact customer service. More information about these subjects can also be found in our Terms and Conditions. More information regarding cookies can be found here. [last update: 15-2015 ]

Very safe
All your details are safely stored on our server(s) using the most modern techniques like Secure Socket Layer (SSL). No other person can access your information besides you and us.

Your details are used to create a personal and easy shopping experience. Information that we use contains previous order data, your IP address, and cookies. More information regarding cookies can be found below.

Delivery of your order
To process and deliver your order certain information is necessary like your name, e-mail address, address(es), payment information and sometimes your telephone number. This allows us or the distribution center to process and ship your order. 

Your account
If you create a personal account at least the following information is stored: name, e-mail address, address(es), telephone number, payment information and additional - sometimes optional - data like your data of birth and other interests (if we asked for this information). And this is a good thing because it allows us to process your order faster. Also, you do not have to fill out all the forms over and over. We also store data related to previous orders and product reviews. This way you can easily retrieve this information.

After placing an order we will send you several e-mail messages. E-mail messages regarding your order and the shipment, followed by several customer service e-mails. Regular personal and general newsletters are sent to you. The personal newsletters may be based on your personal details, like previous orders and interests. This allows us to provide you with a more personal experience. If you are not interested in any newsletters you can unsubscribe here

Win actions and contests
If you subscribe or contend with win actions or contests we ask for your name, address and e-mail address and maybe other data. This allows us to execute the action or contest and announce the winners. We also measure the response to certain actions and contests. Often you will be subscribed to our newsletter.

Nobody likes fraud and we don't either. This is why we use customer data to investigate potential fraud, to prevent it and protect against it. If required we will give customer data to the government.

Pay later
If you buy articles that are not paid for directly we have the right to test your solvency. We might use external parties to validate this. In this case, we will provide your data, but only minimal necessary and for the reason of testing your solvency.

Business clients and affiliate/partner programs
We also store information for our business clients and affiliate/partner programs like contact information. If the data is personal then this is treated just like a regular client. 

Social media
If you make use of social media, like Facebook, then there is the ability to login using your social account. When you log in or like an article with your social network account, this post may appear on your social network and data is transferred between the two parties to validate your session. We do not have access to your social media account. 

To make our website function properly and easy to use we use cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies collect data that is necessary to make our website function. The cookies in our store our safe. They do not collect nor contain personal information and are safe for your pc, laptop, phone, or tablet.

What cookies do you use?
Cookies ensure that:

  • you stay logged in and can continue shopping
  • products that are saved to your cart stay in your cart
  • actions do not need to be repeated 
  • can shop safely
  • you can read and respond to reviews and videos
  • the website is fast
  • errors and problems are detected and located fast
  • improvements can be tested
  • personal advice is delivered based on previous visits or acquisitions
  • you can share products and other elements using social media (like Facebook and Google)
  • you can login using social media
  • advertisements can be shown  on our website or the website of other (no personal data)

How long are cookies stored?
Most of the cookies are removed when you close the browser. But some cookies stay on your computer for days or maybe even years. You always have the possibility to remove these or all cookies manually from your computer. 

Cookie approval
When you first visit the website a clear cookie notification is shown to every visitor. If you decide to visit our website and continue using our website then you agree with our privacy policy and cookies. Your implicit approval is deducted from your actions when you continue to use our website after the notification. If you do not agree to our policy or cookies you can leave the website and disable or remove all cookies.

Removing or disabling cookies
Cookies can be removed or disabled at any time using your browser settings. More information about adjusting your cookie settings can be (normally) found using the help function of your browser. Please be warned: many websites do not function properly without the use of cookies. Advertisement cookies can be disabled as follows:

(Re-)marketing and advertisements
Sometimes adverts are shown on our own website or the website of others using cookies. This is done anonymously. If you want to disable or remove advertisement cookies you can delete all cookies using the method described above, or disable the function using the Google network and/or all connected advertisement networks at AboutAds and YourOnlineChoices.

Access, correction, and right of objection
If a relationship exists between you and our company you have the right to view your personal data in our database after receiving a written request. If our data contains errors or is incomplete you have the right to ask for an adjustment or complete removal of all the data. This request can be made via our customer service.

Changes to our privacy and cookie policy
We have the right to change the privacy and cookie policy at any time. Changes will be published on this page.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our Privacy Policy.
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